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We’re not just a breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour & late-night business.  The Mercantile on Main is a curated collection of some of the best food and drink this town has to offer.  The Mercantile on Main features seven kitchen vendors, offers a cashless environment and was created with social distancing in the forefront of our design.  

To order simply click on one of the links above (TAKE OUT / DINE IN), download the Toast Takeout app, or stop in and order at one of our Kitchen locations and pay with a credit/debit card or Mercantile Card (found at a kiosk located in the Atrium). 

The Mercantile on Main is a hub at the corner of Clinton and Main where business gets done, friendships are fueled and people have fun. Visit The Mercantile On Main at 240 East Main Street, Rochester NY 14604.  For parking, please utilize the Mortimer Parking Garage (we validate) or street parking.

Please Note: Each kitchen has its own hours of operation.  To view each operator's hours, click on their logos in the directory.


The Mercantile on Main is a Cashless Environment

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Some vendors may offer delivery or curb-side options.  Contact your preferred kitchen vendor to find out more!

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Broth - 702.551.4548

Cut, Flour Kitchen or Rufus - 585.736.7430

Palermo's Market - 585.642.7243

Nani's Kitchen - 585.287.0175

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240 East Main Street. Rochester, NY 14604

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We have a saying:  A day without Pho is a day without warmth.

The harmonic comingling of fresh, healthy ingredients simmering in aromatic broth and customized with your choice of condiments is pure comfort in a bowl.

It's through a culture of liquid mediums that we aim to nourish your body and soothe your soul - any time of day, every season of the year.

To place an order for take out or dine in, please click here.


Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday 11am - 3pm



The way we see it, healthy eating is all about balance.

That starts with your protein, your way. It’s then surrounded by the freshest seasonal vegetables, hearty grains or leafy greens. (Again, your choice.)

Will your plate or bowl be good for you? Definitely. Will it be delightfully satisfying down to the last forkful? We leave that to you to decide.

But whatever you choose, we’re pretty sure you can’t go wrong.

To place an order for take out or dine in, please click here.


Monday - Friday 11am - 8pm

Saturday  10am - 4pm

Sunday  10am - 2pm Brunch


Flour Kitchen

One could argue that a noodle is a noodle, is a noodle. Chef Greg would beg to differ.

Because when you enjoy a truly inspirational pasta dish — made in the classic Italian tradition with the freshest seasonal ingredients — you ooh and aah. The perfect balance of flavors and textures makes your whole body smile.

The way we see it, flour + water = love. A love that brings joy to the table, and the world.

On that note, Buon Appetito!

To place an order for take out or dine in, please click here.


Monday - Friday 11am - 8pm

Saturday  12pm - 8pm

Sunday  Closed



Palermo’s Market

Growing up among butchers and food lovers, our mentor always said, “Never serve a sandwich to anyone you wouldn’t serve to your family.” So we don’t.

Ours are always made with the finest ingredients. After all, when you’ve been handcrafting sandwiches since 2001, every bite becomes an expression of love.

And every guest, becomes family, too.

To place an order for take out or dine in, please click here.

Delivery is available through DoorDash.  Please call 585-642-7243 for questions/concerns about delivery.


Monday - Saturday 8am - 7pm

Sunday Closed



Welcome to RoCoCo Café. Our team is obsessed with brewing regionally roasted coffees that will make your day — whatever time of day that is.

Your first morning sip. A mid-day break. Your late afternoon pick-me-up.

Whether you grab and go or sit and savor, our goal is to wake up your taste buds, lift your mood, and brighten your spirit.

To place an order for take out or dine in, please click here.


Monday - Sunday 6:30am-4pm



In the mood for a craft cocktail made with the freshest of ingredients and the most meticulous care?

Then RUFUS is the place to be. Where friends, coworkers and business associates can catch up, seal the deal or simply admire the art of the presentation.

Not in the mood for a craft cocktail? No worries. We offer a range of local craft beers and wines, too.

Why the name RUFUS? It’s our nod to Rufus Sibley, the founder of the building. If you’re toasting anyone while you’re here, be sure to toast him, too.


Monday - Thursday 12pm - 9pm

Friday 12pm - 10pm

Saturday 11am - 10pm

Sunday 11am - 2pm



Nani's Kitchen

Ayurveda teaches us that we can’t control everything in life, but we can control what we put in our bodies. This inspires our passion for making healthy lifestyle choices while satisfying our cravings for delectable food.

This philosophy also guides the traditional desi cuisine we serve here.

Each dish is based on a recipe handed down by my Nani (which is Hindi for grandmother), and updated with a modern twist that connects cultures, transcends borders, and promotes a balanced body and mind.

To place an order for take out or dine in, please click here.


Monday - Saturday 11am - 8pm

Sunday 11am - 2:30pm


Adam Solomon & Sapphire Courchaine



Adam Solomon and Sapphire Courchaine have been part of Rochester’s specialty coffee scene for over a decade. Both take their love of the scene seriously.

Adam, Cafe Manager, completed his training at the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and has competed nationally at the U.S. Barista Championship.

Sapphire, Assistant Manager — AKA the Swan Queen thanks to her famed latte art pours — is a national competitor as well, having participated at the international level at Coffee Fest in NYC for the Coffee Masters Competition. 

Truth be told, there’s but one thing that brings them more joy than creating and serving specialty beverages and the baked goods that complement them: Watching customers and friends sip and savor their creations.

Chef Vilay "Lai" Sysavath



Beginnings. Chef Lai’s curiosity with food and the culinary experience began at the young age of 8, cooking alongside her mom, the matriarch of the Sysavath family.

Remembrance. “My mother reminded me that I was always asking questions when the two of us were cooking together,” says Lai. This curiosity fueled a desire to learn new dishes while perfecting the classics.

Odyssey. Chef Lai’s culinary journey continued when she became a food server at an established restaurant. Her background in culinary arts made her a natural fit, interacting and engaging with countless patrons, relaying their experiences back to the head chef.

Tutelage. This arrangement went on for years: Lai providing the feedback, the head chef teaching the ways. The synergy between chef and server, deepening her knowledge, expanding her creativity, fueling her passion.

Hearty. The culmination of cooking with her mom, learning from her mentor and engaging with her patrons materializes into a warm, aromatic broth that sings to the scent of star anise and gushes to the grandiose of ginger.

This journey of destiny and craving for comfort is what brought you SEA Restaurant, and now Broth. Welcome to BROTH, A Pho Experience.

Greg Johnson



Chef Greg spent 15+ years cooking in NYC. He got his start after culinary school when he was chosen to cook at Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali’s critically acclaimed Italian seafood restaurant, Esca.

There, he was thrown into the art of making fresh pasta and authentic Italian recipes. What better training than in one of Manhattan's best restaurants?

This was when pasta became his passion. He has taken pride ever since in sharing the art of handmade pasta at all his restaurants. 

Chef Greg is also currently the Chef Owner at The Cub Room here in Rochester, which he and his wife, Jodi Johnson, own together. Bringing Flour Kitchen to The Mercantile on Main is another way for him to share his pasta love.

Jacqueline Price



Chef Jackie discovered a passion for food at an early age, inspired by her father’s weekly trips to the public market.

A self-taught chef, Jackie worked her way up through the ranks at such places as Richardson’s Canal House, TRATA, Black and Blue Steak & Crab, and The Cub Room. She has most recently been Executive Chef at JoJo Bistro and Wine Bar in Pittsford, NY.

Together with co-owners Greg and Judi Johnson, she’s proud to bring you protein, your way, surrounded by the freshest seasonal vegetables, hearty grains or leafy greens.

The way they see it, healthy eating is all about balance, and choice.

Jodi Johnson



Jodi Johnson, a Rochester native, learned the ins and outs of the food and beverage business by working over 20 years in some of New York City’s most noteworthy bars and restaurants.

She believes “the bar is a stage,” and critical to the success of any venue.

RUFUS, named in homage to the building’s founder, Rufus Sibley, is her stage for showcasing handmade craft cocktails from the classics to the nouveau. Each prepared with the freshest ingredients and served with a presentation as dramatic as the cocktail itself.

In addition to RUFUS, Jodi and her husband, Executive Chef Greg Johnson, co-own The Cub Room, a restaurant in Rochester’s South Wedge. 

Meghesh Pansari


Nani’s Kitchen

After graduating from Nazareth College with a degree in Religious Studies, Meghesh Pansari looked around and asked, “What next?”

It was then he realized if he could do it all over again, he would have chosen culinary school.

After all, his love of healthy food that satisfies cravings for delectable taste runs deep — inspired by the traditional desi dishes his Nani lovingly prepared whenever she visited from India.

So when the opportunity to open his own restaurant arose, Meghesh assembled a team of chefs (each with culinary school training and the kitchen chops that come from working in top-notch restaurants) to make his dream real.

Welcome to Nani’s Kitchen. Where each dish is based on a recipe handed down by Nani, and updated with a modern twist that connects cultures, transcends borders, and promotes a balanced body and mind.

Wilfredo “Fredo” Arguinzoni


Palermo's Market

Chef Wilfredo Arguinzoni, aka Chef Fredo, grew up in a family of food lovers.

His father, a butcher, taught him the importance of using the finest ingredients available, locally sourced or imported from Europe.

His mother, the home chef, taught him that the joy that comes from sharing a savory meal with those you love is one of the greatest joys of all. 

Together, they instilled in Chef Fredo the notion that one should never serve anyone a meal that they wouldn't serve to their own family.

With over 10 years of experience honing food service skills, adopting ideas and adding his own flair, Chef Fredo is proud to bring you Palermo's Kitchen in partnership with his brother, Ramon Arguinzoni. 

Be sure to try his signature dishes, including the Ribeye Steak and Cheddar Burger with a side of homemade potato chips and freshly made specialty juices.