An atmosphere that inspires creativity.


innovative mixed-use

Sibley Square represents the entrepreneurial vision that fueled Rochester’s past success, and it will once again be at the center of innovation.  Offering more than 200,000 square feet of Class-A space in the heart of Rochester’s central business district, Sibley Square offers a unique opportunity for business owners.  Grow your business within the area’s largest contiguous floor plans (Up to 65,000 square feet) conveniently attached to more than 1,800 garage parking spaces and across the street from the regional Regional Transit Service Center serving more than 40,000 riders a day.  The Sibley vision intertwines the need for office space with the desire for restaurants, retail and culture. 

Set your company apart by placing your business where professionals want to be.  Sibley Square is only 15 minutes from Greater Rochester International Airport, and only 10-15 minutes from the creativity and talent of Rochester International Institute of Technology and The University of Rochester. 

Sibley Square is curating a community focused on Innovation, Incubation and Education supported with remarkable amenities. Whether you are looking for a desk or an entire floor, Sibley Square has something for you. Don’t miss this chance to Be a Part of the Energy!


innovative mixed-use

  • Best in Class business lobby
  • 1,100,000 square foot mixed use property including apartments, offices, services, and retail
  • Rochester’s largest (up to 65,000 sq. ft.) contiguous floor plans
  • Direct access sky bridges to 1,800 covered parking spaces
  • The Mercantile on Main, Sibley's restaurant marketplace is now open
  • Across the street from brand new regional transport hub serving 40,000+ riders per day
  • 15,000 square feet dedicated to Sibley's Mercantile (up to 12 micro kitchens and kiosks) and The Commissary downtown kitchen incubator
  • State-of-the-art video surveillance and 24 / 7 security
  • New energy efficient windows
  • State-of-the-art elevators
  • New central HVAC system

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Activated Streetscape Full of Life and Energy

Retail that’s full of life.  From art galleries to unique boutiques with plenty of convenient parking, Sibley Square will be home to an array of retail and restaurant destinations.  The community around Sibley Square includes 50,000 people and there are 176 apartments in Sibley Square itself.  Be a part of the building that never sleeps and is infusing new life and energy into the downtown streetscape.

Class-A Office Space in a Class All It's Own

Offices that inspire creativity.  Experience large, open floor plates (up to 65,000 sq ft) that allow you to tailor your environment to your workforce.

Looking for a workspace, not an entire office?  Visit @SibleyWorx, we have just the desk you need along with access to a shared conference room, kitchen and WIFI! Conveniences for you, your clients and your employees just steps away.

Contact us today, we want to collaborate and grow with you!

The Mercantile- Sibley’s restaurant marketplac​e

Dining re-imagined. The Mercantile on Main - Sibley’s restaurant marketplace located in the 10,000 sq. ft atrium of Sibley Square (250 East Main Street) will open in June 2020 featuring regional cuisine from local chefs. At the crossroads of East Avenue and Main Street, Sibley Square is at the economic center of downtown and the anchor of the East Avenue entertainment district. The Mercantile with its 8 Micro Kitchen and Kiosks provides a gathering place to eat, work and play (from martinis to margaritas). Finally, a place downtown that offers meals 7am-9pm for about $10 in 10 minutes.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can become a vendor at The Mercantile on Main, please download the application here and email it to

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  • Roslyn Rose Studio

    The Photographic Montages on display are a blend of digitally manipulated images. Each photograph that was integrated within a print was used tell a story of the possibility of a future reality. By combining actuality with possibility I can go beyond the traditional photograph. Viewers are invited to blend their own imagination with the illusions I present.

    Example of where these descriptions may be located on the website:


    Visit our website at

    Roslyn Rose Studio
    Art Studio & Gallery
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  • Dunne Goodwin

    Dunne Goodwin helps brands share their stories online and stand out from competitors. Specializing in visual content creation and social media marketing, Dunne Goodwin is dedicated to providing strategic solutions and superior services.

    To visit the Dunne Goodwin website, visit

    Dunne Goodwin
    Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Lifespan Wolk Café at Sibley Square

    Discover the joy of new opportunities!

    Lifespan’s Wolk Café at Sibley Square is a gathering spot for people 60+. We offer opportunities to learn and share. Classes geared toward lifelong learning. We offer computer lessons, Tai Chi, Living Healthy, chair aerobics and provide presentations by experts on a range of topics like essential oils, personal safety, meditation. We also have book groups, walking club, support groups, card groups and outings for cultural events and lunches. Join us at the café for breakfast and/or lunch! We’re open Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 4 pm. Breakfast is served 8:45 to 10 am.

    Visit our website at

    Lifespan Wolk Café at Sibley Square
  • @SibleyWorx…Just the Desk You Need

    We get you going and grow with you.  Our offices are fully furnished, offer free WIFI and our members have access to our kitchen and conference rooms.

    Located on the 2nd floor of Sibley Square 260 East Main Street, connected to 2 parking garages with 1,700 spaces, amazing amenities including The Mercantile on Main Where Rochester meets to eat, The Commissary, downtown kitchen incubator, a new urban grocery store and a fitness center coming in 2020.


    I need a seat and a place to work when I’m visiting Rochester---- We have it, starting at $50 month.

    I want a desk just for me----We have it, starting at $250 month

    I want a private office for me----We have it, starting at $650 month

    I need an office for my small team----We have it, starting at $1,000 month

    I need an office for my big team----We have it, starting at $2,500 month

    I don’t want to sign a long-term lease----Everything is month to month with a 30 day notice.

    Any other costs?----Parking starts at $57 month.

    Contact us to learn more



    cowork space available
  •  NextCorps, Inc.

     NextCorps, Inc. is a nonprofit whose mission is to help entrepreneurs launch high-growth startup companies, and help established businesses increase their revenues and profitability. We do this through our startup incubator and accelerator programs, educational workshops and events, coaching, mentoring, and consulting services, and connections to a broad network of experts and funding sources.

    Visit our website at

    nextcorps, inc.
    Startup Incubator
  • Eastman Dental

    All your dental needs can be treated by the experts at Eastman Dental. We are specially trained to treat the unique needs of older adults, children, and those with medically complex conditions or special needs, in addition to routine dental care for everyone.

    Visit our website at

    Eastman Dental
  • Ithaca Cold Crafted

    This hummus tastes fresh.  You'll never find artificial flavors or chemical preservatives in any of the products we make.  Unlike the other hummus on the shelf, ours is never pasteurized with heat, giving it a fresh flavor that tastes like you made it yourself at home.

    Visit our website at

    Ithaca Cold Crafted
    This Hummus Tastes Fresh!
  • ROC Game Dev

    RGD is a growing community of game developers who use the co-working space to develop their ideas, network with others, and generally work alongside like-minded individuals. We also host game development related events and workshops for our members. We aim to encourage anyone, of any age and skill level, to explore game development.

    Visit our website at

    Game Development
    Co-Working and Event Space
  • John Schlia Photography

    Fun and elegant photography to show off your personality.
    Specializing in headshot, personal branding and wedding photography, John Schlia Photography makes sure that your personality shines and tells your story.

    Visit our website at

    Portrait and Wedding
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The Mercantile
  • We have a saying:  A day without Pho is a day without warmth.

    The harmonic comingling of fresh, healthy ingredients simmering in aromatic broth and customized with your choice of condiments is pure comfort in a bowl.

    It's through a culture of liquid mediums that we aim to nourish your body and soothe your soul - any time of day, every season of the year.

    To place an order for take out or dine in, please click here.



    Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm

    Saturday Closed

    Sunday 11am - 3pm


    Phone: 702.551.4548

  • The way we see it, healthy eating is all about balance.

    That starts with your protein, your way. It’s then surrounded by the freshest seasonal vegetables, hearty grains or leafy greens. (Again, your choice.)

    Will your plate or bowl be good for you? Definitely. Will it be delightfully satisfying down to the last forkful? We leave that to you to decide.

    But whatever you choose, we’re pretty sure you can’t go wrong.

    To place an order for take out or dine in, please click here.


    Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm

    Saturday  10am - 4pm

    Sunday  10am - 2pm


    Phone: 585.736.7430

  • One could argue that a noodle is a noodle, is a noodle. Chef Greg would beg to differ.

    Because when you enjoy a truly inspirational pasta dish — made in the classic Italian tradition with the freshest seasonal ingredients — you ooh and aah. The perfect balance of flavors and textures makes your whole body smile.

    The way we see it, flour + water = love. A love that brings joy to the table, and the world.

    On that note, Buon Appetito!

    To place an order for take out or dine in, please click here.


    Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm

    Saturday  12pm - 7pm

    Sunday  Closed


    Phone: 585.736.7430

  • Ayurveda teaches us that we can’t control everything in life, but we can control what we put in our bodies. This inspires our passion for making healthy lifestyle choices while satisfying our cravings for delectable food.

    This philosophy also guides the traditional desi cuisine we serve here.

    Each dish is based on a recipe handed down by my Nani (which is Hindi for grandmother), and updated with a modern twist that connects cultures, transcends borders, and promotes a balanced body and mind.

    To place an order for take out or dine in, please click here.


    Monday - Saturday 11am - 8pm

    Sunday 11am - 2:30pm



    Phone: 585.287.0175

  • Growing up among butchers and food lovers, our mentor always said, “Never serve a sandwich to anyone you wouldn’t serve to your family.” So we don’t.

    Ours are always made with the finest ingredients. After all, when you’ve been handcrafting sandwiches since 2001, every bite becomes an expression of love.

    And every guest, becomes family, too.

    To place an order for take out or dine in, please click here.


    Monday - Wednesday 8am - 4pm

    Thursday - Saturday 8am - 7pm

    Sunday Closed



    Phone: 585-642-7243

  • Welcome to RoCoCo Café. Our team is obsessed with brewing regionally roasted coffees that will make your day — whatever time of day that is.

    Your first morning sip. A mid-day break. Your late afternoon pick-me-up.

    Whether you grab and go or sit and savor, our goal is to wake up your taste buds, lift your mood, and brighten your spirit.

    To place an order for take out or dine in, please click here.


    Monday - Sunday 6:30am-4pm




  • In the mood for a craft cocktail made with the freshest of ingredients and the most meticulous care?

    Then RUFUS is the place to be. Where friends, coworkers and business associates can catch up, seal the deal or simply admire the art of the presentation.

    Not in the mood for a craft cocktail? No worries. We offer a range of local craft beers and wines, too.

    Why the name RUFUS? It’s our nod to Rufus Sibley, the founder of the building. If you’re toasting anyone while you’re here, be sure to toast him, too.


    Monday - Thursday 12pm - 9pm

    Friday 12pm - 10pm

    Saturday 10am - 10pm

    Sunday 10am - 2pm



    Phone: 585.736.7430

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The Mercantile on Main - Sibley’s restaurant marketplace is now open. Finally, a place to eat, work and play (from martinis to margaritas) downtown. Featuring 8 varieties of regional cuisine from local chefs for about $10 in about 10 minutes. Located in the 5 story, 10,000 sq. ft atrium of Sibley Square (250 East Main Street) at the epicenter of Rochester renaissance.

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